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Our team of experts uses the latest VR technology to create immersive experiences that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. From conveying stories to showcasing products, our VR services provide a dynamic and mind-blowing experience that your viewers won’t forget. 

Our VR services
VR For Arts And Culture
Virtual reality offers a unique opportunity to enhance the arts and culture experience by immersing guests within the journey itself. Whether you seek to recreate masterpieces or enable guests to view artworks up close, we offer customised solutions to meet your needs.
VR For Education
Virtual reality has the potential to transform any educational experience into a more interactive and memorable one, whether through a 360-degree film or a hyper-realistic CGI experience. We strongly believe in the power of VR to educate and raise awareness. The applications of VR as an educational tool are limitless, and numerous educational and cultural organisations across the world are incorporating VR into their curricula.
VR For Fashion And Retail
VR technology in fashion enables customers to try on and customise outfits in a virtual environment, improving the shopping experience and reducing returns and wastage. Personalization options enhance the overall experience, promoting customer loyalty and increasing sustainability.
VR For Hospitality & Hotels
VR can be the perfect tool to explore a hotel or a resort; preview a new apartment before purchasing, or simply to journey to an faraway location from the comfort of a living room. We can create life-like worlds via high-definition CGI or use 360′ films to transport users to an epic place.
VR For Wellness & Travel
Whether it’s scuba diving with manta rays, walking with elephants, yoga on a beach, or savouring some of the finest red wine, we’ve created many VR 360· films that allow anyone to access some of the world’s most unique experiences. We’ve included a few experiences below for you to try out!
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From virtual reality simulations to live events, Awethentic Labs creates experiences that are designed to engage and captivate the senses.

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