Avatar Platform

At Awethentic Labs, we believe that avatars are the next frontier in experiential marketing and engagement. Our Avatar service allows you to create a digital representation of yourself, your brand, or your customers that can interact with the physical and virtual world in exciting new ways.

World’s first integrated platform for avatar-based
• Advanced face scanning for user-generated avatars
• Cutting-edge size accurate virtual try-on and ai stylist
• Compatible with smartphones and in-mall smart mirrors
• Catalogue of celebrity avatars to drive user adoption
• Cross-platform to work on mobile and retail smart mirrors

Avatar Functionality
We can customise an intelligent avatar to appear as a brand ambassador of celebrity to understand and interact with consumers in real time. Our intelligent avatars can assume various roles in your business, including store greeter, smart advertiser, intelligent sales assistant, concierge, and personal stylist.
We also offer a service that allows customers to input their personal attributes like eye colour and body type, and our AI will instantly generate outfits for your products, allowing the customer to test out styles on their AI. Our technology also recommends similar items to your customers and provides alternatives for out of stock items. Our AI chatbot can also offer personalised styling advice.
Start by uploading your favourite branded video, our technology will extract the celebrity from the video and create a unique AR experience that allows users to engage and interact with the celebrity and your brand. The unique video experience produced from our AI is the perfect shareable social media clip.
About company

From virtual reality simulations to live events, Awethentic Labs creates experiences that are designed to engage and captivate the senses.

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